How Article Writers Strike a Balance Between Search Engines and Your Audience

by Jenny on March 25, 2013

Article writers must strike a balance with search engines and your audience to ensure that the needs of both sides are reflected in their work. While it is often said that content creation should be more about the people and not for the search engines the truth is that both are important. An article that is not indexed and appearing on the best search engine pages will not reach a large audience. It can be a good article or product description with relevant information, but without the proper search engine strategy it fails to reach more people. So how can a writer strike the balance without having an article that is solely written for algorithms as opposed to one that is only written for humans?

Digital Content Creation: Your content does not necessarily have to be articles. Depending on your niche you may find that you reach more people with videos than you would with the written word. By using both methods you increase your chances of reaching a larger audience depending on their preferences and needs. It also helps you to strike a balance between your audience and search engines once the right keywords are used.

Low Keyword Density:  Articles that are stuffed with keywords are not making it to the first pages as often as they did in the past. Various updates with algorithms are making sure they do not spam search results. Having a low keywords density allows you to still keep your article professionally written but also relevant to search engines.

It is important to cater to both humans and search engines. However, while it is often tempting to allow the latter to take precedence over the former, the results are not necessarily satisfactory. Writing with both in mind improves the chances of exposure.

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