How Blog Content Writing Could Boost’s Online Presence

by Jenny on January 13, 2012

Based out of New York City, Bluum was established in 2011 by parents Markus Rauschnabel, Sebastian Reichelt and Ann-Marie Romanczyk.

BluumBluum is all about bringing moms, dads, and Internet savvy users together in choosing the right and best products for both the parents (especially the soon-to-be parents) and their babies.

Bluum gathers the best and most sought after products by moms and babies and puts them in what-they-called the Bluum Box. A Bluum Box includes four (4) to five (5) sample sized beauty and baby products to try on at the same time keeps the parents updated with the latest and upcoming items to be offered. Each item included is hand-picked by the mom team and then is delivered to your doorstep.

A Bluum Box consists of items especially offered by Bluum’s trust-worthy partners: Plum Organics, Seventh Generation, NurturMe, Dr. Robin for Kids, YuBe, StriVectin, Dapple, and Spiffies. Even celebrity moms love the Bluum Box.

Bluum could definitely gain larger web presence and possibly draw in more customers by flooding its site with product reviews and useful information. Such content writing can be easily accomplished by hiring one of our professional bloggers.

A product description writer could furthermore explain the features and benefits of a certain hand-picked item to get more customers coming back to the site and sharing their Bluum experience.

No matter what type of writing your company desires, we can always find you a writer fit for the job. Contact us today and get a free estimate.

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