How Blog Traffic Can Influence Your Business Blog

by Jenny on April 7, 2011

How Blog Traffic Can Influence Your Business BlogGiven that having a business blog is a marketing strategy, one of the factors you should consider is the blog traffic you expect to capture with your company blog. This can shape your blog’s overall look and feel.

Your blog traffic can come from 5 ways. These are through search engines, paid advertising, social media, referrals and from direct input.

Traffic that comes from search engines consists of people who are looking to find answers or information from your business blog. To find your blog based on keywords or keyword phrases translates that your site can be trusted. It gives people the idea that you are a leader in your field. When your site satisfies their need, the possibility for them to subscribe and recommend your site to others is high. They may also click on paid advertising on your web page content.

The same goes for those who click on ads, types your site URL from memory or are referred to your company blog by friends, social networking sites, in-text links and through guest posts by other bloggers. These are people who can drive more traffic and business to your company blog. Through social media marketing service, you can build better business relationships with your visitors.

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