How Blog Writing Can Help You Build Backlinks

by Jenny on April 17, 2013

Backlinks weigh just how important your website is in the eyes of other websites. When the search engines see this, your pages are more likely to go up the rank and appear in high search results. Effective blog writing can increase the number of backlinks you generate with your content and here is how:

  • Shows expertise: Experts are like magnets and draw attention to what they say and write. When people believe you are an expert by the type of quality posts you deliver, they are more likely to link to your posts. If they are linking from an authority website and have a large number of visitors each month, this positively affects not only your rank, but also the number of backlinks you generate from their visitors. People are more likely to link to content someone else recommends.
  • Shows activity: A blog will show your level of online activity and this comes into play when guest posting. The more you are regularly involved in posting informative articles with solid information on your blog, the higher the probability of getting people to post your posts on their websites.
  • Promotes sharing: So what if someone that shared your content on social media did not link to your content? Your content still has a chance.  Some online visitors will share things they find on the internet through social media, but they may not necessarily link to your article. However, the pool of people that see the share or likes are more inclined to link to your articles and share it across different  platforms.

It’s important to get high quality backlinks to your website whether you decide to outsource content writing or use content creation tools. The quality of each link will determine just how relevant you are to search engines.

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