How Blogging Can Build Your Entire Social Media Strategy

by Jenny on November 25, 2010

Compendium Vs. Content Management SystemsToday is American Thanksgiving.  So today’s post revolves around something I am thankful for which is Compendium Blogware and their uber cool blogging system.  Their blogging system alone is super neat, but what they have created one of their clients, Western River, is one of the most incredible marketing tactics I have seen to date. 

I’m in love with it.

Western River ExpeditionsWestern River is an adventure vacation company that services the western United States.

Compendium along with ExactTarget have come up with the ultimate way to take advantage of ExactTargetsocial media and make it benefit their clients.

Western River first signed up with Compendium and to give their blog that initial boost – we wrote for their blog for three months in the mean time, their blog started to build traffic and because their posts were automatically published to their Facebook and Twitter pages, their existing followers were able to see what they were publishing and could start going to the blog.

They then took advantage of Compendium’s web to post feature which allows Western River’s clients to leave a testimonial or a short story about their white water rafting trip as well as a photo of their time there – this content then is approved by the administer of the blog.

Once the admin approves the content, the blog post is published to the blog site.  After the content is published an automatic email is sent out to the client to let them know that their content is live on the blog and if they would like to share it with their friends and family on Facebook or Twitter or through e-mail – they can do so using a hyperlink within the e-mail.  So no matter how technically challenged someone might be, it is made to work like a gem and the viral effect is just amazing.

While we don’t have the pleasure of writing for Western River anymore, it is always awesome to see the success of a blogging system as it is working for Western River – through customer generated content.

In fact, just recently Western River released a contest to generate more traffic and interest to their blog and ultimately to their call to action.  Jason Falls recently wrote about Western River’s success on his blog.

If you’re interested in having a program such as Western River’s – your best bet is to get in touch with Compendium through Brian Millis:

Brian Millis
Phone: 317-777-6254

Not interested in company blogging just yet? Then you might prefer to just join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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