How Blogging Helps Reputation Management

by Jenny on June 30, 2011

With the number of websites, online forums and blogs, there are a lot of ways people can talk poorly about your company or your product.

If the websites that they write on are of decent page rank and are floating to the top of Google due to their keywords, then it might pose a problem to your company’s reputation.

Suppose for example that a potential customer wants to find out more about a certain product you make, let’s say the product’s name is “Widget ABC”.  So they type “Widget ABC Review”.  If someone has done a bad review of your Widget ABC, then more than likely that is the first search result that is going to come up.

This is even more devastating if you have made improvements to Widget ABC, but only the old bad reviews are the ones that are popping up.

Of course, people are entitled to their opinions, but sometimes you can find some people with too much time on their hands that want nothing more than to destroy your company’s reputation.

So, how do you fight back? The answer is BLOGGING.

I know it may seem weird to think that instead of asking the website to take down the bad review (you can do that too, of course), you should blog.

Other than asking the website to take down the bad review of your product, the only other way to really help maintain your company’s reputation is to push down the page rank of the sites that are knocking you.

By creating blog content around a company/brand name in a positive way, you drive down negative complaints and replace them with more positive content.

Companies often hire us as Business Blog Writers to target keyword phrases around those which negative results are ranking in an effort to push them down a few spots, or, at the very least, get more people clicking on the positive.

Of course, by blogging you are targeting organic search traffic, so this isn’t going to happen overnight.  However, with consistent content creation on your blog, your company’s blog will make its way up the rankings.

A company like, Compendium, can help you figure out what keywords to focus on in order to determine what the best strategy would be.  For example, focusing on a lot of branded terms will win out more branded search traffic in the long run.

Naturally, you could also utilize Compendium’s Web to Post, to help spread the positive word about your products through the social media realm.

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