How Blogging Is Like Having an Orgasm – Getting “There” Is Part of the Fun!

by Jenny on January 28, 2010

I understand that the title of this post might be offensive to some.  However, today, I was driving to an appointment and thinking, you know, “Blogging is like having an orgasm.”  Once you have a good one, you want another one and another one.  In fact, sometimes it is so good, you crave the next one.

Before I get too explicit and make this post something that I don’t intend it to be, let me explain my logic in this metaphor.  I have been trying to think of a proper metaphor for blogging that all humans can relate to; perhaps this is the most memorable and the most eye-catching…after all, sex sells. 


For women and men, alike, there is certainly some preparation involved in blogging and in having an orgasm.  On the orgasm side, you need to have ample foreplay – whether it is as simple as an image or as complicated as hours of preparation.  On the blogging side, you need to have high quality content on a frequent basis and without that preparation; you will have nothing to show for your blog.   


You’ve got to love your blog and your subject matter.  If you have no passion for your blog, then you will never “get there”.  You have to share your enthusiasm.  Embrace it, love it, share it, work on it daily. 

Enjoy It Without Having a Goal:

Enjoy your blog without always having a goal in mind.  Sometimes if you just let your creativity flow, good things will come to you.  As with an orgasm, if you are relaxed and enjoy every step towards the final climax, you will find out different ways and avenues to “get there”.

Learn to Relax and Breathe:

Much like orgasms, you cannot rush a blog’s success.  You can try, but you might be disappointed with the results.  A slow and steady approach will always yield better and more intense results for both blogs and orgasms.

Use a Toy:

“Getting there” is always more fun when you use a toy.  For blogging, toys are tools you can use like submitting articles, using affiliate marketing, guest posting on other blogs, writing your own e-book and selling it – are all toys you can use to help you reach your ultimate goal or your climax.

Involve Your Partner:

If you are blogging, you have opted to involve your readers (your partner in your blog endeavor).  Without your partner, your blog isn’t as much fun. 

Fantasize and Role Play:

If you know anything about “The Secret” and the power of suggestion, then you know to imagine your success (your ultimate climax) and you will get there.  Think of yourself as a top blogger and role play with what you would be. 

Open Up and Let Yourself Go:

We all know that the more conversational your blog is the better the chance of its survival because folks are willing to stay and chat it up a bit.  If you are having a difficult time “getting there”, then you might be over thinking it or doing it.  You might need to return to the basics of building content and networking. 

Don’t stay bottled up; don’t focus on age old learned business tactics if they aren’t working for you.  Don’t try to control everything.  Let yourself go and be a little less formal, which readers will find more inviting. 

Different Strokes for Different Folks:

What works for one blogger might not work for you!  Be creative in your approach to blogging, especially depending on the subject matter of your blog.  You might need to concentrate more on social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to get your word out there.  Try everything until you’ve found the stroke of luck that works for you.

For some folks, it can be frustrating to reach orgasm, they never get there.  You have to keep trying, but not the exact same thing every time!  Change it up a bit.  Don’t give up.  If you are creative enough and explore all your blogging options, you will have success and oh how sweet that success will be!  If you’re struggling, seek advice, follow top bloggers’ blogs – find out how they are getting there. 

As with an orgasm, your blog will have good and great climaxes, and well, if it is a superior blog, then chances are you will have multiple climaxes at once, making you crave more.  Your climax might be different than the next person’s.  Your goal might be communication, making money or acquiring a big email list, but ultimately you will accomplish your orgasm and since it feels so good, you’ll want another!

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