How Blogs Change Your Business

by Jenny on August 4, 2010

Corporate blogging can and will change your business. It links you with other websites and puts you into a vast network of websties. It is the fastest way to give an outbreak about your business. A corporate weblog is fast since you can launch a page today and have a blog going within 24 hours! You can get started reaching your audience in no time.

Here are some tips that an article on Business Week’s website offered:

Inbound Marketing
Social media and blogs are two inbound marketing tools. It beats telemarketing and email blasting. You do not have to print any advertisements. Most people pull up what they need online using Google or other search engines anyway.

First Advantage
Business blog writers can claim the biggest advantage over the virtual world of conversation. If you do not act fast and act first in the social media, your competitors will. This can help change your business for the better, or for the worse.

Being Found Easier
Blogging and other social outlets are a good way to get your business noticed and your site ranked high. This can lead to more visitors. SEO is just one more fast way for readers to find you and find their way to your site.

The Power of Blogs
Blogs indeed represent power. Instead of speaking through people like the media and editors, company can speak directly themselves through blogs. It is a way for them to shape their messages to the public and to their customers.

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