How Content Moves an Audience

by Jenny on September 14, 2010

When you blog, you should consider your audience. As a business, your audience can become your future customer. As a result, you should pay attention to the trends and demands of your audience so they can get content that they enjoy, and in the end, products they can use. The proper way of achieving traffic is to have content that moves your audience. How can you obtain such results?

The answer lies in the dynamism that is involved in your content. Writing may be tough but it is crafting digestible posts that can obtain the traffic that you need and evidently, what you deserve. Here are three important corporate blogging tips if you want content that moves your audience:

  • Consider Your Word Count – Be wary that you are dealing with an audience that needs information as soon as possible. This can be effectively obtained if you meet a word count that can be easily digested yet gives direct information. The ideal word count would lie within 250-300 words, because that would be an example of the time span an average web user would read without getting bored.
  • Consider Your Tone – Your audience may either need an authoritative report or a conversational tone, depending on the demands of your business. Make sure you analyze your audience’s expectations if you wish to market your content effectively.
  • Consider Your Frequency – This is basically: the more frequent you post, the more your audience will expect. Be consistent in your posting schedules. Don’t drive into erratic posting so you can establish a stable reader-base because of your effective content creation.

Need help in obtaining attention-grabbing content? Let us know and we’ll let you witness how powerful content can lead your corporate weblog to success.

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