How Does a Pet Product Company Benefit from Blogging?

by Jenny on December 15, 2009

We love to write about pet products at Business Blog Writers. 

There are many benefits that a pet product company can achieve through blogging, here are a few:

Lead Generation – in fact, every company that is producing consistent and quality content can and will acquire leads through blogging. 

Product Enhancements – since blogging is a two-way communication medium, there is no reason why you cannot feature each and every one of your products on an individual post.  In other words, one post per product and on those posts, ask your readers and product fans for suggestions to enhance a product or make it better.

Product Ideas – many of the best ideas come for free.  So another idea is to do a giveaway on your site for one of your products and the only stipulation would be that the reader would have to leave feedback about a certain product.  Or leave feedback about a product they would like to see from your company. 

Run a Contest – you could always run a contest where you ask readers and customers to upload a video of their pet playing with your product or using your product, and the winner could either win a cash prize or the equivalent of a certain amount of product from your company.  The huge benefit to running a contest such as this one is that you can get tons of videos of your products on YouTube and because the readers are trying to win a contest, all the videos will be positive reflections of your products.  Likewise, someone has to have an account on YouTube and usually they are connected with their friends or family or already have followers of their videos, so you get additional advertising because the folks that watch the video are already a fan of your reader’s.

Product Stories – You could ask your readers to submit a story about their pet and your product.  This would help with the content creation on your blog and also interest your readership to either buy the product or comment on their experience with the same product.

Since pet products are fun and interactive, they are not only fun to write about but also fun to blog about. 

As Business Blog Writers, we are creative individuals and as we write and learn more about your products, we will have no problem coming up with more fun ideas on how to use blogging to promote your business.

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