How Google + Makes Content Marketing Services Worthwhile

by Jenny on May 6, 2013

When Google + was released many people did not bother to give it the benefit of a doubt. The popularity of other social media websites overshadowed its true potential leaving some to assume that it will just last a few years before its thin wire is completely frayed. Now fast forward to 2013 and Google + has gained a considerable amount of momentum due to the hundreds of top authors and businesses that are using it to market their services, expertise and products online. Businesses that are serious about content marketing services now see it a game changer in the industry and failing to use it an imprudent online move. But how can Google+ give you the “plus” you need to not only stay online, but compete?

  • Google’s Signature: Google + is owned by Google and that of itself is motivating enough. As a result Google + pages that are correctly optimized and have valuable content to share enjoy the privileged pages of Google. These pages are more likely to be quickly indexed than other pages and get online attention once they appear on the search engine.
  • Authorship: Google allows you to link to pages you authored and participate in its authorship program. This might some cheesy for some people that generally hide their real names, but this type of option is just one of its powerful content creation tools that should be full attention. The more articles you have to boost your authorship online, the more confidence people have in your brand.
  • Circles: Most social media platforms do not give you the option to segment your market. As a result, you are forced to create numerous accounts and may even need to hire a blogger to maintain and update each one. Google + allows you to segment your market, thus increasing your productivity and reaching the relevant audience you need to target. This is done through its feature “Google Circles”.

How you market your content can have a considerable shift of sides if done through Google + given the many features and added flexibility. The quality of the types of leads you generate is also more solid, thus leading to more satisfactory results.

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