How Long Should a Post Be

by Jenny on November 30, 2009

How Long Should a Post Be?

Ever wondered how long a blog post should be?  Blog posts can be short as a paragraph or as long as a 7-page essay. 

The amount of words in a post really depends on what the topic requires in order to get the point across.

At Business Blog Writers, we prefer to keep our posts between 200 and 1000 words.  Through thorough analysis and reading numerous articles we have found that a post between 200-1000 words helps with search engine optimization of your blog.  We understand that your reader’s time is valuable and we don’t see the need to write filler words to get the point across.  Rather, we want your readers to read great quality articles on a daily basis. 

So post frequency really matters because that way, your readers are coming back on a daily basis and search engines love how much you update your blog.  It is hard to achieve a following of business blog rss readers if you aren’t a consistent blogging business. 

Ideally, a blog should be updated every day if not twice a day.  However, more than twice a day is probably too much, as you don’t want to annoy your readers with information overload, either. 

When your blog is updated on a daily basis, it persuades readers to check your blog on a daily basis or subscribe to the RSS feed.  Also, Google likes it because it means there is new fresh content on a daily basis and encourages them to send bots more often to index your site.

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