How Professional Content Writing Service Can Affect Conversion Rates

by Jenny on March 6, 2013

Many website owners that sell products online know the horrors of having low conversion rates. With the right plan in place a professional content writing service can be the ticket to improve purchases online. Here is how it works:

  • Convert long articles to shorter relevant ones: Long articles that have a lot of fluff can seriously lower your conversion rates.  Talented article writers can remove this fluff and give you prose that is factual, descriptive and relevant. Website visitors should not feel as if they are in a maze to make a purchase.
  • Proper use of anchor texts: Many webmasters use anchor texts incorrectly with the famous “click here”. This “click here” does not tell the online shopper about the page they will go to unless you have made this clear in the content they read. Website content writers that know the importance of anchor texts in ranking a website will ensure that only relevant keywords are used in your content. These will tell the online visitor where the link goes and improve the online experience.
  • Better Call to Actions: Is your content compelling and are people motivated when they read it? Your call to action should be effective to increase sales. It should not leave the online visitor to “if” and “but”, but to make a conscious decision that the product attends to their needs.

Your conversion rate may be low today, but with the right steps you can increase the number of people that actually buy your product. Your content should be the first place you start to assess the impression you are giving others.  

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