How Spanish Blog Writing Became The Big Enchilada For Your Business

by Jenny on August 25, 2012

These days, it seems everyone has jumped onto the "present tense" bandwagon. Let's think past tense.  Hence, the title of this post:  "How Spanish Blog Writing Became the Big Enchilada For Your Business.

Tens of million of Americans view NFL Football.  Meanwhile, hundreds of millions of people around the world prefer soccer.  From Spain to Mexico and Venezuela, millions of soccer-crazed fans are searching the Internet in Spanish.  It's a fact that more than 153 million people search the Internet en espanol.  If you don't have a plan to communicate with this sea of shoppers, you're missing the boat. 

Digital content creation customized to capture the attention of the Hispanic and Latino community could greatly enhance your businesses' productivity and bottom line.  Wal Mart chose to aggressively market to this fast-growing demographic long ago.   It was a wise decision. 

Now that you've chosen to outsource content creation to reach the millions of consumers who prefer to speak Spanish, the rest is academic.  Articles and blogs about your business now contain SEO product descriptions and keywords in English and Espanol, thus greatly increasing the chances that both English and Spanish-speaking consumers will find the products and services you offer first in the Internet search rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.  As well all know, numero uno es muy bueno!  And that is precisely how Spanish blog writing became the big enchilada for your business.

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