How To Add Your Compendium Web to Post To Your Facebook Page

by Jenny on March 21, 2011

If your business blogging platform is with a Compendium, then you are already one step ahead of the game.  If you also use Compendium’s Web to Post feature, then you are two steps ahead of the game.

You might have read my article on where I mentioned how to use Compendium’s Web to Post through your YouTube Channel, now you can also apply it to your Facebook page for your website or business.

Even as Business Blog Writers, we know the value of getting content for free from clients or customers that really care about your product or service, after all, web to posts always provide additional inspiration for our content creation.

So here are the steps on How To Add Your Compendium Web to Post To Your Facebook Page:

1. Search for “Static FBML” App through the Facebook Search Bar

Static FBML
2. Don’t worry about “Liking” the page – just look for “Add to My Page” under the profile photo (which is currently a question mark because there is no profile pic).

Static FBML - Add to My Page

3. Once you add it to your page, then go back to your page and see the app added underneath your profile pic.

4. Don’t click on the app added though, instead, look for the gray “Edit Page” button in the upper right hand corner.

Edit Page
5. Within “Edit Page” there is a column on the left that has various categories, click on “Apps”

Edit Apps
6. Under “Added Apps” find the FBML App.  Click on “Go to App” under the FBML App.

7. You will be redirected to an “Edit FBML” page.

Edit FBML Page

8. You can then enter in the “Box Title”, in my case, “Share Your Cat’s Story” – this verbiage is what will appear under your profile pic for the user to click on (see image below to see how it looks).

9. You can also enter the “FBML” code (the “WTP Code” provided to you by Compendium)

10. Click “Save Changes”

11. It should then say, “Changes saved”

12. Go Back to your page to double check it is there and working right.

Share Your Cats Story LINK

And here’s what it looks like to the Facebook visitor:

Share Your Cats Story on FB

You may be concerned that you are keeping the visitor on your Facebook page – but fear not! The visitor, instead, goes to wherever your Web to Post redirects after entry – so it actually takes them off your Facebook page to whatever landing page you designated with Compendium.

It’s just another reason why Compendium rocks.

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