How to Blog Your Business

by Jenny on November 24, 2009

How to Blog Your Business

At, we offer advice about how to blog your business.  Of course, all businesses are slightly different, so in order to get a full idea of your specific business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In general, however, there are some excellent overall ideas for any business.

Tips on How to Blog Your Business:

  • Quality Content
    • You will want to produce quality content, as people only follow blogs that offer content that is worthy of following.
  • Call to Action
    • If you write and write about your business, but do not offer a call to action – whether it is to have someone inquire about your services or purchase your great widget, you will not see a conversion from your blog.
  • Frequent Content
    • If you aren’t posting every 2-3 days (once or twice a day is even better) then you are not posting frequently enough.  Blogging success relies on quantity.  Typically, content creation ends up running pretty parallel with your organic search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Use Blogging Software
    • If your company isn’t a computer technology company, then there is no reason to invest the time and money in having someone on the inside set up a blog.  After all, if you have a plumbing leak, do you call the plumber or ask Joe in marketing to take a look at it?  When you want a good fix to your blog or a great start to your blog, go to the experts. suggests Compendium Blogware.
  • Hire Blog Writers
    • Unless you are a writing business and your employees are writers, then you will want to hire writers.  Not only are writers trained professionals, but also, by paying them to focus on blog writing, you will get frequent and quality content on a consistent business.
    • You can always have people in your company contribute to the blog.  For example, the VP of Sales might write a post once/week and the VP of Marketing a post once/month.  That way, there is even more content.  On the other hand, if the VP of Marketing isn’t able to post or write that frequently, not to worry, you are already getting consistent content through your blog writers.
  • Install a Tracking System (like Google Analytics)
    • Tracking systems like Google Analytics allow you to do an adequate amount of front-end tracking.  This is, of course, important to understand how your blog is performing and which posts are providing the most traffic.  If you find that there is one post in particular that is producing the most results, then you will want to elaborate on that post.
  • Increase Online Presence
    • One of the benefits of hiring is that we will help to increase your online presence.  In other words, as we are researching blogs and articles for more content for your blog, we will comment on blogs and leave either links to your website or to your blog.  This will help your site get additional traffic.

If your business is able to combine all of these factors, there is no doubt that a business marketing blog will work for your company and will pay off.

Be sure to be aware that blogging is a marketing initiative that rewards your company through organic search results.  An organic search is one that appears on a search engine results page because of the relevance to the searched term or keyword.  Non-organic searches usually include pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

Why Most Business Blogs Fail

  • No Strategy
    • If you have no main focus for your blog, then it will surely fail.
  • No Keywords
    • You can have too many keywords and also not enough.  The problem with using too many keywords is that search engines dislike you trying to fool them and will ping your blog’s website as a keyword stuffer. 
    • Keywords used properly can be very beneficial, as search engines like recent, frequent and relevant information for their searchers.  Blogging software like Compendium, helps you use the appropriate keywords for your industry and also provides a keywords strength meter, so that you are aware of the number of keywords that you are using.
  • Regurgitated Press Releases
    • Blogs are typically popular because of their informal approach.  If you end up posting articles that are similar to your press releases, clients, customers and potential customers might be deterred from reading your blog, which should have a friendlier, laid-back approach.
  • Poor Topics for Posts
    • If your posts end up all sounding the same or being unoriginal in their topics, then you will also bore your readers.  When you use Compendium, their software alerts you to articles and other hot matters that are popular in your industry so that you have a plethora of topics to choose from. 
  • Posts Lack Personality
    • A benefit to hire is that you will get a writer that is full of personality.  They are, after all, a writer and enjoy what they do.  They have passion for your topic and you will see it in their posts. 

How to Blog Your Business – Information Overload!

The easiest way to figure out how to blog your business is to avoid information overload.  If you research blogging yourself, you will see that there is a constant stream of information.  The information on how to blog your business can be overwhelming; therefore it is easiest to let the professionals do their job.   If you are interested in moving forward with blogging with your business, please contact us.

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