How To Create Your Own Blog

by Jenny on January 10, 2010

If you are new to blogging or simply don’t have the pockets to hire a blogging service like Business Blog Writers, then you might be interested in setting up your own blog.  Setting up your own blog might sound like a daunting idea, however it is quite simple and very inexpensive!

We like to use a company called, Ninja Blog Setup. They set up a Free WordPress Blog Installation if you do not already have a company hosting your website. If you have a company hosting your website, then it is only a mere one-time fee of USD $97 to get it setup.  Of course, you can opt for their premium WordPress blog installation and setup for $197. You can check out their different services on their website.

Ninja Blog Setup

Services that Ninja Blog Setup Offers Are:

  • Blog support plans so you can get help quickly
  • Blog transfers so you can move to another host
  • Twitter setups so you can get social
  • And Much More!

Ninja Blog Setup offers a quick and efficient set-up.  The installation, as long as there isn’t something that you have to change on your own, usually takes between one to two business days.  All their payments are through PayPal, so as a result they accept major credit cards or of course, you can use your PayPal funds to pay for the setup.

Now, if you have looked into blogging at all, you might have discovered that Blogger and are completely free services, but if you go with those, then you limit yourself on what you can do with your blog.  So if you are just looking to type your content and post some photos, then going with the free service might be the best option for you.

If you have your blog with Blogger and want to move it to WordPress, Ninja Blog Setup can do that too.

Even if you are not interested in a blogging system and would prefer to have your blog setup through a great service like Ninja Blog Setup, then you can always still hire us for content creation.  In other words, we simply just write content for you, so that you can focus on marketing and sales of the blog.  Please contact us at your convenience and we can set up some options.

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