How To Decide What Blogging Platform to Buy

by Jenny on April 27, 2011

How To Decide What Blogging Platform to BuyChoosing the best blogging platform to use has become quite a task because of the numerous web content providers out in the market. So far, you may have people who will recommend this one platform due to its system tool. Others prefer having a user friendly interface while some would be more concerned of the pricing.

Here are a few elements you should look into before you buy the right blogging platform to use for your corporate blog:

  • Security – Whether you have a small business or a corporation, you should always be concerned of your blog’s protection. Choose a blogging platform that can determine trojan fakealert and the like. Do take note of how it performs with windows security alert or other programs in your office.
  • Analytics – This portion of the website content services is sometimes overlooked when it shouldn’t be. Here is the place where you can learn how your company blog is doing. Go for easy to understand analytics program built-in the user dashboard.
  • Personalization – To have a successful blog, there should be room for website content development that allows you to customize the look and feel of your corporate blog.

Still undecided which platform to choose? Contact us for a free quote and we will help you pick out the best for your website.

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