How To Figure Out What To Write About On Your Business Blog

by Jenny on May 13, 2011

website content creation Blog writing ideas for your corporate blog may not come easily for all. Here are some topics to write about on your company blog:

1. Milestones and Achievements
One of the common ideas on content creation is to promote your company’s accomplishments. This may be an award, a recognition of sorts or a goal achieved.
2. Reviews – Books
For sure, there are lots of books related to your business. Take the time to review one of those books. Give your recommendation or critique on it.
3. Reviews – Products or Services
Put a spotlight on one of your products or services that you offer in your business. This can be from a client’s point of view or you can have a guest blogger to do this for you. 
4. Predictions
Keep a look out for trends and give your own prolific take on them.
5. Industry News

Instead of just writing about the latest events, add your company’s stand or view on the said piece of news.

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