How To Generate Keyword-rich Blog Titles

by Jenny on January 26, 2012

Did you know that 95% of the time, a person will purchase and read a book or an article based on the books’ title/subject matter.

Before writing a blog post, make sure that your title and subject matter is something that is going to grab your readers’ attention. You can also pick a subject that has high trending rates that’ll surely win the interest of internet readers.

Myth: Most people will read your blog posts because they came to your blog where your post is located and start browsing your site.

Fact: People nowadays search using Internet search engines like Google and Yahoo. They will usually type in one to five keywords that best relate to the topic they are looking for and then Google, for example, will show the best results that match your search.

Goal: A professional blogger/writer should look for the best keywords and topics that will truly match the content of the blog post being written. Most search engines give higher weight to the first three to five keywords.

In order to bring heavy traffic to your blog posts and back to your website, you should consider SEO content writing. Another way to draw people to your site is to have keyword-rich article titles.

To create keyword-rich article titles, here are some Keyword Research sites that can help you:

  1. Good Keywords
  2. Google AdWords

Please continue to follow our blog for more helpful tips on blog writing and you might also want to consider hiring one of our freelance content writers for excellent content marketing services.

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