How to Get Folks to Comment on Your Blog

by Jenny on August 6, 2010

Business blog writers always want to get feedback on their company blogging site. The best blogging tool you can use is to comment on other’s site. This will not only get you feedback and comments on your site, but will also get your page more visitors which will prompt more blog comments.

There are a few more tips that will help your blog get more comments.

Invite Comments
Ask your readers to comment. Leave the door open for them to give their opinion. You will get more comments when you invite them, than you will get if you did not. Most readers do not know how to participate in blogging so with your invitation to a well laid out blogging system they will better learn to participate.

Business Blog WritersAsk Questions
Ask questions that are specific in your posts. To really get a reader’s attention, ask the question in your heading. This puts the need to respond in their head as soon as they begin reading your post.

Be Open Ended
Leave room for the reader’s opinions by not putting everything there is to say on a topic in your blog post. Leave room for the readers to be an expert.

Interact with the Readers Comments
If a reader leaves a comment, interact with them. Your readers will not be willing to use your comment section if you are not willing to. Interacting with them shows them that you are valuing their opinions, and that you have an active blog that you participate in. 

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