How To Get In Touch With Customers Searching For You

by Jenny on November 24, 2010

As companies, we use e-mail, Facebook and Twitter to engage with people that we already know.  But what do we use, especially online, to get in touch with customers that are searching for us?

Blogging is the way to do it.

Let me explain.

Most people think of blogging as something similar to journalism where they have readers and subscribers.  This is a myth.  60-85% of all blog traffic comes from the first time visitor – and that first time visitor comes from a search engine like Google or from a referral – meaning they followed a link to get to your website or blog. 

Some folks do have successful journalism blogs, like Kate Benjamin at, for example.  She has a loyal group of followers that cannot wait to see what she posts as the hottest and latest modern cat product that’s new on the market. 

Kate’s stats stand at: 60% first time visitors, 40% returning visitors.  So, the majority of Kate’s traffic comes from that first time visitor – so really Kate is blogging for acquisition.  While her goal maybe to gain a following, with a percentage like that, the truth is, she’s blogging for acquisition. 

That’s why fresh and frequent content creation is so important for your blog and your website.  We’re here to help you get that fresh and frequent content.   Interested in getting a free quote?

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