How to Go Viral With Digital Content Creation

by Jenny on February 13, 2013

At some point in time you may have seen it: a YouTube video that suddenly went viral attracting millions of views in record time. You may have even felt a little jealous thinking “why couldn’t that be me?” or “why couldn’t that happen to me?” Sometimes the video may be a simple home video, but was still able to have an impact to get people’s attention. So, can you also climb the pedestal of digital content creation? YES!  Here’s how:

  1. SEO content writing: SEO is the lifeblood of a successful online presence. When Google Keyword Tool is used to find the best keywords to use to write descriptions and for creating web content then more people will find it.
  2. Never turn off comments: Many people love to read what others have written about a certain video, article, Facebook post, Twitter comment you name it. Never turn off comments in any of these. Allow users to get all fired up about your digital content. This shows that you are LISTENING. Also, RESPOND to queries and even comments-this shows that you CARE. Once people believe that you are listening and that you care, then your digital exposure will eventually increase.
  3. Updates: Regular digital updates show that the content is relevant. A video that is dated three years ago and sitting on your server will hardly move many people to share or comment on it. However, the more you update your content the more encouraged people become to share and comment on it. This increases the chance of one post eventually going viral with the help of the loyal following you generated from previous updates.

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