How To Hire A Blogger For A Business Blog

by Jenny on May 20, 2011

Professional BloggerWhen you think about it, choosing the best blog writers to hire for your corporate blog seems like a simple task. However, once you have hired them, you’ll soon learn that not everything they say during the interview becomes reality.

Here are 3 things that matter most that a good blogger must possess to be picked and what you should watch out for:
1. Follow-through – Your freelance content writers should be able to meet deadlines. If they cannot get the posts into your system in time, then there is no point in working with them.  Of course, there are sometimes circumstances out of their control – like power outages, viruses on their computers, that might slow them down.  Of course, everything within reason.

2. Creativity – If you have a limited subject matter or if you only have a few products, it can be hard to come up with topics. If for example, your freelance blog writers produce 25 posts/month for a year – it’s best if the writer is creative and can come up with topics or can help come up with topics to write about.
3. A Good Writer – This is the core quality of a good blogger. This means that s/he can put together a blog post – an introduction, body and conclusion.  

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