How to Make a Google-friendly Site

by Jenny on November 15, 2010

One way to make your site more Google-friendly so that it shows up in the search engine results listing for a specific keyword search is to link to other sites. Linking to other sites and having other sites link back to yours is nature of the web, which is just like that of a spiders web, and this interconnection helps your site appear in search results.

If you want sites to link back to yours and don’t have any idea where to start, it is possible to submit articles to free article directory sites similar to Article Base and Ezines that will provide you with a few links back to your site. There are many Internet marketing experts that use this technique and submit hundreds of articles to site like these and they get the results they desire.

Submitting articles is one of the most effective ways to promote a site that does not have to much content and those that are simply a sales landing page. One good thing about this strategy is that submitting articles is free and you get to promote your site without paying any advertising fee. Yet, these articles have to adhere to strict writing guidelines and you need to be aware that there are high standards for article acceptance yo such sites that will only accept excellently written articles.

If you want to use this highly effective Internet marketing technique to promote your site, it would be to your advantage to hire professional writers that have the experience on how to write articles that will be accepted by free article directory sites like Ezines. Why not find out more about our writing services and ask for a free quote?

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