How To Make Your Company Blog Popular

by Jenny on April 21, 2011

Increase Blog Traffic In 5 WaysSome business blogs simply stand out among the rest. Is your company blog one of them?

Here are 5 ways you can employ to fine new visitors and increase your blog’s traffic.

  1. Introduce Who’s Who in your company. Existing customers and potential clients like the idea of knowing who they are doing business with. Allow the movers and shakers in your company to contribute to your blog content.
  2. Invite guest bloggers. Feature someone in authority to do a guest blog post. This will certainly garner new visitors coming from your guest’s own flock of followers.
  3. Build a community. Customer engagement is still the name of the game. Through intelligent discussions, forums and comment exchange, connecting with your readers will certainly put you on top of their blog list.
  4. Use videos. Incorporate snippets of tips or juicy bits of information with your blog posts. Aim for short but memorable reels.
  5. Use your creativity, especially on the visuals. Think of how a mall window dresser thinks. Display your products in such a way that your readers will stop and stare.

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