How to Revive a Dying Blog With Digital Content Creation

by Jenny on April 23, 2013

Have you fallen behind your blog posts and have not had time to provide regular updates to your readers? If your answer is “yes”, then you may have what is known as a dying blog. This type of blog fails to reach its readers even if it was popular and as a result fails to use the low-cost of blogging as a content marketing route. But will you need to start from scratch and set up a new blog? The answer is no and below you will find some useful tips to help you revive a dying blog with digital content creation.

  • Consider YouTube videos with SEO content writing: YouTube is a free online tool that can be used to market your blog when the right keywords are used. If you have not posted something to your blog in while, then think of using videos as a way of breaking the ice instead of writing long articles. Once you get some views then you can start to introduce new articles. The key is to ensure that your video title and description and correctly optimized.
  • Use images to add life to your content: An image can say a lot and may even get a clearer message across to your readers. This is especially true if you have an e-commerce website. By hiring a product description copywriter and ensuring that the content has relevant images to showcase your products you improve the chances of getting noticed again. However, images can also be inserted into blog articles to make them more interesting as well.
  • Use graphics: Get detailed graphics to set your content apart. Whether this is through charts and graphs or drawings, graphics can add more value to your content.

You may not have updated your blog in months or even years. However, with a plan to move forward and regular updates to attract search engine spiders you can start to make your blog as popular as or even more popular than what it used to be.

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