How to Write a Blog Post Call to Action

by Jenny on November 4, 2011

No matter where your writing happens to appear, blog, landing page, or social media, a strong call to action is necessary if you wish for people to continue reading and actually act on the call. If your writing does not grab a reader’s attention and hold it, in this fast paced world, your writing is useless. Learn how to grab a reader by using a simple method.  Make reader’s STOP and read what you have chosen to put into the world through writing.

  • Simple
  • Tailored
  • Obvious
  • Persuasive

Make things simple.  In a world full of chaos a clear concise message goes a long way to hold a reader’s attention. Wordiness and showy choice of vocabulary is not always necessary.  Make a point in a simple way.

Tailor your call to action to your audience. Your readers are not stupid.  Keep the call to action on their level, but make it accessible.  If the call to action is not relevant to the comings and goings of your readers then it will be overlooked without a second thought.

Sometimes the obvious is best and necessary.  Books are written to paint beautiful images in your mind, but a call to action needs to be blatantly obvious in wording and length.

Be persuasive.  This is the obvious step. State your points and make a good case for your call to action. Help people want to become involved and want to take the time to act on your suggestions.

Writing a call to action can seem overwhelming.  Maybe your audience is not being persuaded enough. Content creation is tough so hire a professional blogger through a web content writing service to get top content that meets your needs. Contact us to get an estimate on writing your call to action in a professional and effective manner.

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