How To Write a Blog Post for a Personal Blog

by Jenny on April 28, 2011

How To Write a Blog Post for a Personal BlogThere are many ways to go about writing a blog post for a personal blog. Because of its personal nature, a blog post can be written in many ways. Some may work for you and others may not. As a blog writing company, here are a few suggestions you can try:

  1. Use life experiences. Go beyond an online journal of what you ate or where you went. Expound on things that happened and add your own insights from the experience.
  2. Add a picture. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and this holds true to any blog post. Having a picture on your post also adds credibility or proof to what you just wrote.
  3. Keep it short. Some blog posts are meant to be long, when needed. However, you want to keep your posts brief and concise because this will leave your readers wanting more and will also engage them to start commenting and converse with you.

Do you have any other tips on blog writing? We would love to know about it.

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