How to Write a Blog That Has an Effective Call-to-Action

by Jenny on November 4, 2011

Writing an effective blog can be a daunting task, but given a professional blogger and basic material a blog can quickly take shape.  Blogs are much like a salesman in a store, the goal is to sell a product. Follow these steps to start an effective blog for your business:

  • Headline – A headline is the first thing that a reader sees and it should be short and attention grabbing. If the reader never reads your post then it is truly wasted time.
  • Concrete detail or visual – Use a catchy photo or clip art or at least paint a picture in the mind of your reader in the first and second paragraph.  Give your readers what the headline promises.
  • A lead – Expand your headline with more in depth information in your writing.
  • Clear layout – Make points clear and obvious because it is unlikely readers will read from start to finish in this fast paced world.  It is more likely for a reader to skim.
  • Logical sequence – If your advice is not in logical order a reader will get lost in text and probably quit reading.
  • Persuasive – Write in a manner that makes the reader agree with your point of view.
  • Interesting – Choose a topic that will be interesting and will provoke a call to action.
  • Believable – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Keep your material believable and un-cheesy.
  • Call to action – Have a reason and a call to action with every post.  Be clear in what you expect of your reader even if it is just to view more of your posts.

Blogging can be a great outlet, but if your goal is to use blogging as a business technique then getting quality writing may seem overwhelming.  Hire a blogger that is experienced in content creation to do the writing for you. The best blog writers can be found at Business Blog Writers. Contact us for an estimate so the content you need can be made available.

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