How to Write a Blog That Works for SEO

by Jenny on November 1, 2011

When companies have blogs it is usually with the purpose of drawing potential customers to their website and ultimately their products. SEO content is one way in which bloggers help company blogs show up in search engine results.

If you’re blogging for your company, here are a few tips to follow when writing an SEO rich blog.

  • Post Titles vs. SEO Titles – A post title and SEO title are different. The post title is the heading for your blog, but the SEO title is how you are tracked and located by search engines.  Become aware of both and always have a strategy in mind.
  • SEO Descriptions and Keywords – The description box that is available for blog entries should be filled with something that will give the reader a preview of what is in the blog. Use SEO words to optimize results for search engines.
  • Permalinks – A permalink is usually the title of your blog within the URL (like the permalink for this blog post is, it’s important to have a permalink with keywords rather than with numbers.  The search engines look at permalinks too.
  • Post Interlinking – Use interlinking within your post to guide readers to older posts you have written or to drive them to a product as a call to action.
  • Image Optimization – Images are often titled and ignored, but by adding alternate text titles to your images, your blog is likely to be picked up by more search engines.

Don’t have the time?  The knowledge or the interest?  Not to worry a professional blogger will utilize these suggestions to produce quality content. Creating web content is difficult and in fact much of it is outsourced to the best blog writers so the content is sure to be on point. If you or your company are looking to hire a blogger contact us for an estimate on the services you desire.

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