How to Write Product Description Samples for a Business Blog

by Jenny on October 15, 2012

There is lot more to creating perfect product description samples than simply copying manufacturer’s product descriptions. Differences in qualities of blogs containing such perfect descriptions and other blogs with duplicated content can be gauged on search engines. Well-crafted descriptions containing blogs are what appear on all major search engines and other blogs with copied and unauthentic content might just end up joining the long league of dead blogs on the Internet. Listed below are few tips to create high quality product descriptions for business blog.

  1. As mentioned above, publishing already exisiting manufacturer’s descriptions or copying content from other sources directly is not a good idea because duplicated content is not looked upon favorably by Google and the like. Explore your innovative side and try to come up with fresh and authentic content for your blog and/or product descriptions.
  2. Come up with an appealing and informative title or heading. Once a patron comes across a link and reads your heading, s/he must get a clear picture about what the description is all about. If your title is unattractive and vague, then customers might just skip to the next link in the Google search results.
  3. Explicitly mention all the details about the product you are trying to sell. Your product descriptions should answer all the queries a prospective customer can have regarding the product like features, purpose, statistics and color, etc.

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