If we only have one product, what on earth would we blog about?

by Jenny on December 1, 2009

If we only have one product, what on earth would we blog about?

You might have considered blogging as a way to generate leads, however, you might have thought, “We only have one product, what on earth would we blog about?”  You might have 20 different product lines but cannot see what you would blog about or how you would blog about your products or services for 365 days/year.  There are, in fact, many ideas for your business…it’s just a matter of figuring out what those are.  And since content creation is a crucial part of your blog, you certainly don’t want to cut back on that.

When you think of what to blog about, you have to consider all aspects of your business and who you are looking to target.

You Probably Have The Following Goals:

  1. Keep customers you already have
  2. Bring in new customers

So these are your simple goals, then you need to brainstorm on how you go about keeping the customers you already have and how to bring in the new customers.

Now, if you think of a product that you really like and might be interested in checking in on every now and again, then you will probably want to know the following:

  • New products from the same company
  • Updates or revisions to the product you love
  • Attachments or special offers

If you’re looking to acquire some new customers then you need to think about how you acquired your first customers, for example:

  • Did you go to trade shows in your business’ industry?
  • Did you send out a marketing/advertising campaign?
    • What were the parameters for whom to target in this campaign?
  • Did they do a Google Search for your product?
  • Did they do a Google Search to find a product similar to yours, but found yours?

Depending on the product or service that you are selling, there is a lot to consider.  Certainly when targeting new customers, you want to write about:

  • Happenings in your industry
    • That way someone searching on that topic might stumble across your products or services that they weren’t aware of.  The idea is to shoot a spider web and then let the insects latch on.
  • New product lines or ideas
  • Ask customers for feedback on a product line
    • This, of course, would be ideal when you had an email list to solicit for such feedback.
  • Run a sweepstakes or a giveaway to get more feedback from your customers
  • Education about your industry or products
    • “How To” type of articles.

Most of all think like a research librarian!  You have to think like the person searching on the search engine.

With all that said, it is easiest to accomplish blog writing when you have the proper platform in place.  We recommend Compendium Blogware because they will help you with your blog’s strategy.  They will help you understand how your blog is achieving your marketing goals and objectives.

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