Imperial Cat Needs A Blog!

by Jenny on May 4, 2010

Imperial Cat LogoFor those of you who aren’t familiar with Imperial Cat – they are a company located in Morrilton, Arkansas that makes various products for cats, like cat scratching furniture, rugs that collect litter when a cat gets out of a litter box and organic catnip.  They’re cat scratching furniture or Scratch ‘n Shapes are probably the most recognizable.  They come in incredibly fun designs and cats love them.

Fish Bone Cat Scratcher

Fish Bone Cat Scratcher

So why does Imperial Cat need a blog?  For the same reason that every company needs a blog – to grab a hold of that organic search engine traffic that might be looking for their type of product, but that they don’t know exists.

If Imperial Cat hired Business Blog Writers, we would suggest the following for their corporate weblog:

1. Keywords – right now, Imperial Cat has a fun website, but it isn’t terribly search engine optimized.  The good news is with a blog that links back to your main site – you don’t need a website that is optimized.  You can drive traffic through your blog easily.

2. Trade Show announcements – they are headed to the Interzoo Trade Show in Germany which is one of the top pet trade shows in the world.

3. YouTube – Imperial Cat would benefit from running a contest or a giveaway if customers posted videos on YouTube.  Imagine the viral capabilities of such a campaign – not to mention the fun videos that would come about.  Of course, as part of the giveaway, we could require potential Imperial Cat posters to include a link to the Imperial Cat website, blog or both.

We have more ideas for Imperial Cat and would love to share our content creation ideas with them.  As Business Blog Writers, we are here to meet your visions, but also suggest a few as well.  How can we help you with your blog writing?  Leave a comment below or please contact Business Blog Writers.

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