Importance of Images in Blog Posts

by Jenny on September 17, 2010

Find the Right Image

Find the Right Image

A blog post must be dynamic and also at the same time quick to load. How can you obtain these two results at one time? Naturally, you can do so with the use of images. Images, depending on how they are saved, usually constitute little file space, and they can give life to your blog post. Whenever you wish to give your audience a little breather from the text, a good image in text will always do the job. Here are some guidelines on how to effectively use images for your corporate weblog.

  • Make sure the size must be medium sized – This setting can be seen in most blogging platforms, but the importance of image size will affect loading performance and general reading efficiency. Medium sized images tend to be friendlier to the readers’ eyes. It is imperative that you check your image before uploading it to your post. If you find out that your text consumes only about less than one half of the width of your post, then your image is most likely too big!
  • Focus on your blog’s theme – Images relevant to your blog post work more effectively than random ones put there as filler. Pick images that either give direct or symbolic meanings if you wish to obtain the unique results for your blog’s performance. These aspects determine how well your readers can relate to the text because the image provides them with that connection. Ask yourself: is the image relevant? If you take longer than 3 seconds to answer, then something’s wrong.
  • Consider Copyright and other ownership issues – You can’t just take any image from anywhere. An image may have restriction of use which you must be aware of. You should ask permission or view the terms of use for an image if you wish to implement that image for your company blogging.

We can help you find the most suitable images for your blog and your business, just let us know and we can get started with your lead generation.

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