Increase Blog Traffic in 5 More Ways

by Jenny on April 8, 2011

Increase Blog Traffic in 5 More Ways New business blogs have been cropping up like daisies. To get ahead of the game, you need to apply new tactics to drive quality blog traffic to your corporate blog.

  1. Make contact but not just any contact. Call people up or visit them in person. Meeting your clients or potential clients in person is still the best way to gain their attention to focus on your website content.
  2. Revisit your emails. Send emails that matter. You may include a short note that you thought of the recipient when you came across this article or bit of news.
  3. Help someone out. Refer someone you know that can be valuable to a potential client or to your existing customer. Do this via phone call, text message or email. Introduce them to one another.
  4. Say ‘thank you’. Although you can show your gratitude online, nothing beats a personal note, handwritten by you.
  5. Upgrade your customer relations. Don’t be scared to follow up someone after you helped them out or shared information with them.

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