Indianapolis Blog Writer Like a Boss!

by Jenny on July 5, 2012

"Back home again, in Indiana…", the lyrics of a song sung by hundreds of thousands and heard by more than 100 million viewers around the world as Jim Nabors belts out the venerable tune before the start of each year's Indianapolis 500.  Even if you've never been to Indiana, hearing the heartfelt lyrics and down home melody make it seem as if you've been there before.  Deja vu.  You've just been exposed to one of the most impactful content creation tools on the planet.   Now learn how to generate gross impressions and be an Indianapolis blog writer like a boss!

Deja vu…feeling like you've been someplace, seen or heard something, or know someone you've never met before.  Somewhere in your past, gross impressions were created that sparked the feeling of deja vu.  External stimuli in the form of images, articles and media advertising touch the five senses, appealing to human emotion and intellect.  Before you know it, gross impressions are implanted in the mind, forming the basis for a call to action.

Creating effective web content for your business, brand or product is an art.  To embody the persona of Indianapolis blog writer like a boss, you must first master the science of digital content creation.  Learning how to embed SEO product descriptions in web articles and blogs are the keys to putting your business, brand, product or service on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN Internet search rankings. 

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