Indicators to Test Your Blog Writing

by Jenny on March 4, 2013

Many people often forget to use indicators to measure their online success after creating web content. The danger with such a practice is that some fall into this repetitive cycle and may never truly know the ways they can improve their website or content to get better performance.  This applies for both content for blogs and websites. Some indicators that you can use to see how others are responding to your blog writing include:

  • Bounce Rate: A bounce rate that is over 60% is cause for alarm. While there are many factors that can contribute to your bounce rate, your content and how relevant it is to readers is a major one that is often overlooked. If a website visitor finds your website through a page and not its landing page, then it is important to know why and how long that person remained on that page before moving on. You can also compare different pages to see which characteristics are making it successful. 
  • Visitor Count: Your visitor count tells you how many people actually visited your website or a page on your website. You should use this with information provided about search terms to know how the visitor got there. Some C-panels allow you to see the search terms that took the website visitor to a page or links linking to your website. When you know which method was used to get to your website, then it is easier to see if you should still continue using it based on the results.
  • Conversion Rates: Do you have a good product and excellent blog writing but a low conversion rate? What is the online process visitors have to go through before they are brought to your sales page? These are factors that should be assessed to improve your conversion rate.

Writing is one part of the equation when it comes to writing for your blogs. Measuring the performance of your content and taking the steps to make the necessary adjustments is another that should not be taken for granted.

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