Interview with Andrew Foss, eCommerce Manager at Elite Sportswear

by Jenny on November 5, 2010

GK EliteAndrew is the eCommerce Manager at Elite Sportswear, the leading supplier of Gymnastics apparel in the world under the GK and adidas brands.

1. Why did you guys decide to have a blog?
Our Corporate eCommerce site was not Search Engine Friendly (Database Driven, Long-Garbage-Filled URL, Clunky Layout). There was no place in the design for searchable content or social Interaction. I needed a place to tell the story of our company as well as to present information  about our products and the people who use them. That being said, we were pouring money down the drain DAILY with a very expensive PPC program
 2. Do you ever have folks ask you what a blog is?  How do you define it?
I used to – Standard definition – Place where Geeks and housewives go. In the last 2 years, with the surge in popularity of Facebook, it is mostly understood.
3. How did you discover Compendium Blogware?
See question 1. I was evaluating blog platforms and prepared to begin the saga of designing a WordPress blog on my own when I received a nuisance call about a blog platform called Compendium. I put on my “You-Can’t-Sell-Me” armor and proceeded to listen. Within 15 minutes, I was sold by 2 basic issues. 1-it was 1/4 the price of 2 similar solutions that had been pitched to me, and 2) the blogging interface (with the blog post strength indicator) was the best interface I had seen.
4. How long have you had the blog with Compendium? 
Just at the tail end of my second year.
5. Did you look into other blogging platforms before going with Compendium?
Yes. See above.
6. What makes Compendium worth the money for you?
Compendium monetized itself within 3 months (reduction in PPC $ + direct sales of products). I have an eCommerce site. I just needed traffic.
7. Why did you choose to put your marketing money into a blog and not into direct mailing or something else, for example?
We do all that too. I was reallocating other dollars used (specifically PPC)
8. What sort of success have you seen with your blog?
It brings in 1/5 of all my site traffic. The links and searchability then (within 6 months) improved the searchability on my main eCommerce site, allowing me to further reduce PPC spending. Since April of this year, we have spent on PPC.
But even more important is the Voice that we have created for the Company. Previous to the blog, our company had a website (that rarely changed, Display advertising, Catalogs, and tradeshows/Events. The content we presented was relevant, but never timely or up to date. Now News is available from GK daily. And people come back to see it!
9. How many folks in your company write for your blog? Do they find it an easy or a daunting task?
3 have logins, but of the 800 odd posts, 700 have come from me.

Thank you, Andrew for the interview!

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