Interview with Beckie Bordenaro of Marshall Wolf Automation

by Jenny on August 15, 2011

Marshall Wolf AutomationI have been with Marshall Wolf Automation since 1994. I currently handle our online marketing program and work closely with our web sales team. Marshall Wolf Automation is an industrial automation distributor. We are unique because we are authorized stocking distributors for every manufacturer on our site,, plus we have a full outside sales team and in-house technical support.

1. What made you decide to have a blog?

We were looking for ways to increase our organic search position and keep our customers updated.

2. Do you ever have people ask you what a blog is?  How do you describe what it is and what is does for your business?

We used to get this question on a regular basis but I think blogging has become more mainstream. We describe our blog as a great way for customers to learn about new products, application stories and promotions.

3. How did you discover Compendium?

I had to think about this one. I believe we just looked around online and Compendium was one of the companies we wanted to talk to.

4. How long have you had the blog with Compendium?

We have just started our 3rd year with Compendium.

5. Did you look into other blogging platforms before going with Compendium?

We did but Compendium was our clear choice based on their platform and service.

6. What makes Compendium worth the money for you?

Our blog increases our exposure in a number of ways; organic search ratings, links to our website, subscribers to our RSS feed, social media, customer comments and much more. We also feel it is important to show our customers that we are using current technologies and offering yet another way for them to keep up to date with us.

7. Why did you choose to put your marketing money into a blog and not into direct mailing or something else, for example?

We didn’t choose the blog over something else, this was actually a new program for us to add to our current marketing mix. We tested it for a year and were happy with the results!

8. What sort of success have you seen with your blog?

Our first year involved a lot of learning… how the keywords related to the blog and how together they resulted in search results. We also had to get the word out about our blog and get our employees up to speed on actually blogging. After that we’ve concentrated on encouraging our employees to blog and making sure our customers check in to see what we are writing about.

9. How many folks in your company write for your blog? Do they find it an easy or a daunting task?

I wouldn’t say it’s easy or daunting… maybe consistently challenging would be more appropriate! We have great blogging months and not so great blogging months. We generally have 5-7 bloggers.

10.  Is there anything else you would like to add?  

I would like to say that Compendium has a great staff – our account reps, their technical department… we’ve had nothing but a great experience. We meet monthly, or more often as needed, with an assigned account rep. Our account reps have always been extremely knowledgeable on the Compendium products and really take the time to understand our business and goals.


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