Interview with Brian Millis at Compendium

by Jenny on January 20, 2010

Brian Millis

Brian Millis

We figured it was high time to have an interview with Brian Millis over at Compendium Blogware.  As you may know from reading our blog, we believe that Compendium offers the most comprehensive software for business blogging.

1. What is a blog? (In other words, what is the easiest way you’ve found to explain what a blog is to someone that knows NOTHING about blogging or social media – for example, like a 60-year old man that owns a business and only knows how to login to his e-mail and do an occasional Google search)

A blog is an easily updated website.  You log in just like you would for an email account and the posts you write simply stack on top of previous entries (usually in chronological order), eventually creating a well (noun) of content.

2. How did you get into blogging or find the job at Compendium?

I started a student blogging program while working as an admission officer for my alma mater, DePauw University.  It turns out, a recent grad, Ali Sales, had started a business blogging software company in Indianapolis.  I was blown away by the cutting edge technology that seemed perfect for the University, and I assumed many other types of organization as well. 

3. Do you think blogging is effective?  For what sorts of things?

It is effective.  I just don’t think that, there are firm numbers that prove it.  I think its greatest value lies in the search engine marketing potential.  However,  blogging also does a great job of increasing conversion rates (click throughs, etc.) because of the human nature of the content, builds credibility for an organization, humanizes the marketing content, is easy to manage with the right software, and is usually far cheaper than other search marketing alternatives like PPC, and traditional SEO.

4. Why do you think Compendium blogs are better than other blogging platforms, like Blogger, WordPress and Joomla?  Or do you think certain blogging platforms are right for certain businesses or purposes?

Definitely the latter.  Compendium isn’t necessarily “better” than other platforms or freeware.  It depends on your goals and what you are starting a blog to help accomplish.  Compendium just makes it simple and effective for businesses who want to use blogging to drive the most qualified searchers to a valuable place, like a website, a newsletter sign up, industry information, or a shopping cart.  This allow businesses to easily turn qualified searchers into valuable leads or prospects.  We provide a turn-key solution that is automated, secure, and provides measurable results to the client.  It’s an investment in the proper technology so that our clients can simply focus on good, consistent content creation. 

5. When or how does a blog fail?

Again, failure is relative to the goal you set out to accomplish.  If the goal is organic traffic and lead generation, it will most likely fail when it’s neglected and rarely updated,  when it’s not properly organized so that the search engine can easily crawl and digest the organization of content, and when the content written is useless to a reader.

6. Would you use Compendium if you had your own business?  Why or why not?

Absolutely!  I like technology that produces a better return on my time and monetary investment.  I like when things are simple.  And most of all, I like the human-to-human marketing that a blog provides to business.

If you would like to contact Brian and see a demo of Compendium, please feel free to contact him via phone or e-mail:

Brian Millis

Phone: 317-777-6254

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