Interview with Casey McConnell, CEO of Qittle

by Jenny on November 9, 2010

Qittle Text Marketing LogoCasey McConnell is the CEO of Qittle.  Qittle is a mobile marketing solutions company.

1. Why did you guys decide to have a blog?

Providing good information about our industry is important to us. We also know that blogging is powerful SEO stuff!

2. Do you ever have folks ask you what a blog is? 

Most people are pretty savvy about the term blog, but they may not get it’s importance and that’s typically where the conversation starts.

How do you define it?

“Your thoughts on the web.”

3. What blogging platform do you use? 

Love WordPress!!!

How you decide on that blogging platform?

Tried a few over the yrs and found WordPress to rock. The 3rd party plugins are a big advantage as well.

4. How long have you had a blog (this might be answered in #3)?

This current blog is a bit over 2 yrs

5. Why did you choose to put your marketing money into a blog and not into direct mailing or something else, for example?

85% of all new business is found through a search online. Google loves fresh content and blogging is the coolest way to do it.

6. What sort of success have you seen with your blog?

Our blog is a leading resource of web traffic to our site, which means new clients are finding us!

7. How many folks in your company write for your blog?


Do they find it an easy or a daunting task?

Very easy

Thank you, Casey for the interview.  

Do you have a blog?  If you’re interested in being interviewed for our blog, we’d love to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact us.  If you would like to get blogging but not sure where to get the content, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote for blog writing.

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