Interview with Jake Nichols of Palmer Trucks

by Jenny on August 24, 2011

Palmer Trucks LogoJake has been with Palmer Trucks for 10 years and works on special projects in Marketing and Human Resources.  He is the administrator and a contributor to the Palmer Trucks blog.

Why did you guys decide to have a blog?

We didn’t look at it as ablog, but rather how to share information quickly to a bunch of people.  We looked at it more as a news site, rather than a typical blog.  Looking for a way to present new information and generate more traffic.

Do you ever have people ask you what a blog is and if so, how do you define it?

We try not to use the term, we try to avoid that term if possible. We don’t indicate that.  We typically say it’s our news and information site, rather than our blog.

How did you discover Compendium?

A fluke sales call that happened when my dad sat next to a Compendium sales rep on an airplane.

How long have you had a blog with Compendium?

A little over 1 year.

Did you look into other blogging platforms before going with Compendium?

Not particularly.  Compendium is a local company for us, so that had a lot of clout for us too.  You get a lot of SEO companies calling on you, so that was this solution too.

What makes Compendium worth the money for you?

We renewed it recently.  We had the allocation for the resources, so we decided to stick with it.  We have a decent website, but the Compendium blog helps people find us through the search terms.

How else do you advertise or market online for Palmer Trucks?

We are involved in a few online directories, local Google stuff, a little bit of yellow and we subscribe to an inventory management tool that puts our truck inventory online.

What sort of success have you seen with your blog?

It’s tough to say – I don’t know if we have had any tangible results just yet.  It seems to be a hard thing to measure.

How many people in your company write for you blog? Do they find it an easy or daunting task?

2 or 3.  It’s an additional task to do, and since business is good, it’s just not part of their routine.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I think we struggle with content and contributors.  Our managers can create a flyer to hand out to someone, but they are not as comfortable as putting it on the web.  There might be a technology void there.  I recently had one of our sales guys approach me about wanting to be more active on our Facebook page.  So I will encourage him to post on our blog, so that it will automatically be published on Facebook.


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