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by Jenny on January 13, 2011 LogoWhen it comes to company blogging, there are definitely more things that you can do besides just content creation to get the lead generation that you’re looking for.  Eventhough we, as Business Blog Writers, focus on blogs – just as you invest in anything, you don’t want to put all your eggs into one basket. 

I ran across an article that a friend told me about on Pat Flynn’s website, The Smart Passive Income Blog, where he talked about a website called,  I was intrigued with Jason Sadler’s idea not only from an entrepreneur’s perspective but also as a way to further help companies that are looking for more online exposure through social media.

So, I wrote Jason and asked him for an interview – luckily,  he kindly obliged.  Thank you, Jason, for the interview.

1. How did you get the idea for

Jason Sadler of

Jason Sadler of was started to give businesses the opportunity to be promoted via Social Media. While services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Ustream are accessible to everyone, it’s not always easy for businesses to have content created for them or to find an audience waiting to consume that content.

2. How long have you been doing

The site launched on January 1, 2009 with a unique pricing model. The cost of January 1st was set at $1, and each day thereafter the price increased by $1 until December 31, which was purchased for $365. When 2010 sold out in August of 2009, Jason knew he needed a new twist, so he added a second shirt wearer and doubled the pricing. Two people wore shirts for the same company each day in 2010 and created YouTube videos, Ustream live video shows, took photos and shared information about daily companies through Facebook and Twitter. 2011 has continued the trend in pricing structure and amount of T-shirt wearers. 5 people are wearing T-shirts for a living this year, all for the same company each day and at $5 increasing per day.

3. How did you find the other members of your t-shirt wearing team?  Deandre, Angela, Neal and Amber?

Neal Brooks of

Neal Brooks of

We held a hiring process from September 1, 2010 to December 15, 2010. During that time we had 112 people submit YouTube video resumes to become one of the next t-shirt wearers on The hiring process saw over 400,000 views on submitted YouTube resume videos and over 40,000 comments on our website.

4. What kind of returns have companies rec’d by advertising through

Rather then repeating myself, you can read a few case studies here:

5. Do you have other projects/businesses other than

Amber Plaster of

Amber Plaster of

Right now I’m a full-time t-shirt wearer and helping my dog wear t-shirts for a living at

6. Do you have to upload every photo every day or does each t-shirt wearer do it?  Do you have the program automatic according to the t-shirt wearer’s login stuff?

Everyone uploads their own photos, YouTube videos and does a live video show each day. We manage all of our website content through our tweets and are thankful that and take care of the rest!

7. How did you come up with the $5/day+?

DeAndre Upshaw of

DeAndre Upshaw of

As mentioned earlier it started at $1 per day in 2009 with 1 person wearing shirts. $2 per day in 2010 with two people wearing shirts and $5 per day in 2011 with 5 people.

8. I read through some of your testimonials and noticed that people mentioned that by you wearing their t-shirt their website traffic doubled – but is that doubling short lived as to the promotion of their t-shirt through your social media avenues? 

That’s the great thing about Social Media content. It gives a great burst of exposure up front and then continues to live on the internet forever. Our content is optimized for SEO (Google) and shows up regularly for companies even years after their day.

9. What if a company doesn’t have a t-shirt?  Can you make one for them?

Angela Seales of

Angela Seales of

In 2011 we print all the t-shirts ourselves with the help of a Proud Partner Underground Printing. When a company buys a day on our calendar we include the t-shirt printing cost in that price. It’s a pretty awesome deal and we get to wear high quality shirts.

10. Does a company send you the t-shirts to wear and then you distribute or do they send them to each member of the team?  How far in advance do you have to receive the t-shirts before the day of advertisement?

Underground Printing does all of the fulfillment and we typically try to get each month’s shirts sent ahead of time.
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