Interview with John Hurley of SmartFile

by Jenny on December 20, 2010

smartfile logoJohn Hurley heads up Internet marketing for SmartFile, the leader in online file sharing and FTP hosting for business. 

Why did you decide to have a blog?
For us the choice to have a blog was a easy. We like to think of ourselves more as a marketing company than just another software company. Effective marketing is all about the ability to communicate to a potential customer. There was no better way to do this than by adding a blog. This allows us to dig deeper by enabling us to tell stories that consumers can relate to. The byproduct is the keywords that you are able to target to help gain more Internet traffic.

Do you ever have folks ask you what a blog is?  How do you define it?
Working in the B-to-B world this question does not come up a lot. But for us our blog is way to tell stories that people can relate to. By solving a problem through story telling, we hope to convert a problem into a solution through effective calls-to- action on our blog page. So far this has been extremely effective.

How did you discover Compendium Blogware?
Having the privilege of working with Chris Baggott at his prior venture ExactTarget I knew that what Compendium brought to the table was not just software, but a thorough understanding of blogging for business.

How long have you had the blog with Compendium?
We are approaching 6 months.

Did you look into other blogging platforms before going with Compendium?
Before Compendium we used a simple WordPress blog.

What makes Compendium worth the money for you?
Compendium allows us to focus on our core business by providing us upkeep, analytics, input and blog support.

Why did you choose to put your marketing money into a blog and not into direct mailing or something else, for example?
95% of our marketing budget is spent on some sort of Internet adverting. This was a small price to pay when you compare it to adwords or banner advertising.

What sort of success have you seen with your blog?
Since we launched in July we have seen a 600% spike with our blog traffic.

How many folks in your company write for your blog? Do they find it an easy or a daunting task?
We currently have 3 people that contribute to our blog. I think when you tell busy people that they have yet another thing to do it can be tough. Once we created very defined story telling roles the task of writing became easier.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Remember to exercise patience when starting a blog. It will take you time to figure out what it is you want to talk about and even more time to start seeing true results. Do not be afraid to ask for outside help and never be afraid to change or try something new. A blog can be a very effective tool only if you put the time and commitment into it.


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