Interview with Lindsay Gill of the Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown

by Jenny on December 1, 2010

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis DowntownLindsay is the Leisure & Online Sales Manager at the Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown, a three star hotel in an historic building in the heart of Indianapolis.

1. Why did you guys decide to have a blog?

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown

We wanted to put out information about our hotel, beyond our websites’ information, which is accessible to the public.  We wanted it to be directly from our team and also to be able to change it without having to change our website every week.  The benefits of the SEO Compendium provides was a big draw as it helps people find our site in search engine listings.

2. Do you ever have folks ask you what a blog is?  How do you define it?

We did at first but I think most people who are Internet savvy have become familiar with a blog.  I define a blog as an online forum for one to speak opinions and provide information, personal or business, which may otherwise go unseen and unheard.  Also, it is a forum in which readers have interaction with the writers to ask questions and post feedback…a forum for conversation.

3. How did you discover Compendium Blogware?

Compendium Blogware showed up in one of our website’s referring domain reports.  I sought them out on Google to find more information and thought it would be a worthwhile endeavor to start an SEO blog.

4. How long have you had your blog with Compendium?

We have been writing for just over a year and a half.

5. Did you look into other blogging platforms before going with Compendium?

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown Lobby

I started a blog on but only wrote once or twice.  I found the platform difficult to set up and didn’t see any SEO benefit.

6. What makes Compendium worth the money for you?

The SEO algorithms they use are very effective.  Within our first month we were listed in the top five search results for five of our keywords/key phrases.  We started seeing the benefits early on; according to Compendium we started seeing results two months prior to what they expected.  The blog requires no maintenance on our end and it’s added on directly to our website.

7. Why did you choose to put your marketing money into a blog and not into direct mailing or something else, for example?

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown Guest Room

Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown Guest Room

The SEO part of this blogging platform was hands down the main reason why we chose this marketing tool.  We considered email marketing but the blog was more affordable and offered a wider audience instead of only the email addresses we have in our database.  The blog allows us to put out varied content as often as we want without flooding inboxes, too.  We are shying away from print marketing/advertising as much as possible these days for two reasons: 1. We are trying to be more environmentally conscientious and 2. Print marketing is rarely “trackable” without requiring some code or coupon.

8. What sort of success have you seen with your blog?

We are seeing success in our search results listings where our site is on the first page or even the top five or ten results.

9. How many folks in your company write for your blog? Do they find it an easy or a daunting task?

Solar Panels on Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown's Roof

Solar Panels on Hilton Garden Inn Indianapolis Downtown's Roof

The General Manager, Mike Campbell, and I write the most.  There have been a few other employees who have contributed a post here or there.  Most are intimidated that their words will be out there for everyone to see.  I have had a difficult time getting our front-of-the-house employees to write although I think they would make great contributions.

10.  Is there anything else you would like to add?

I feel Compendium’s blogging platform is easy to use, their service is exceptional and even though we write less than recommended, we still see success as initially promised.  I feel we will continue our blog into a third year with them.


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