KC Gutterguard Should Hire Content Writer

by Jenny on July 28, 2011

Product Description CopywriterCleaning out clogged gutters is not a chore anyone looks forward to. KC Gutterguard is a family owned and operated business, established in 1994 that offers gutter cleaning services and more. Its latest innovative product is called the Gutterglove.

Patent pending, the Gutterglove is a protective covering for your gutters. Made from 316 fine steel and aluminum, it functions like a sieve, letting only liquid to pass through its steel mesh, barring even small particles like sand, pine needles and other debris to get into your gutter.

KC Gutterguard could easily put up a company blog to help promote Gutterglove – and feature vidoes of how it works on a YouTube channel as well.

Proven to be an effective marketing tool, business blogs can help strengthen the product’s online presence. A business blogs writer can use SEO product descriptions that will make it easier for people to find Gutterglove online using search engines because of targeted keyword phrases like "gutter repair in Kansas".

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