Keyword Strength Meter – Innovation for Your Corporate Weblog

by Jenny on September 1, 2010

Compendium's Keyword Strength Meter

Compendium Keyword Strength Meter

Looking for the best form of lead generation? Keywords do the job so effectively that your business will be found in no time. In fact, with the innovation of Compendium’s keyword strength meter, you can easily note your standing in the blogosphere, as well as your page ranking.

Competition is something your corporate weblog will face. In fact, search engine optimization is highly needed in order to obtain the results you need in today’s growing Internet market. Without the proper keywords, you’re in for Compendium Blogware Logoa tough run.

Consider the keyword strength meter as a preemptive scan of how effective your keyword use is. It works the moment you save your first draft, so you can analyze the results before your blog posts go online. Isn’t this effective in maintaining your standing in the page rankings?

Take advantage of this system as you blog so you won’t be committing the mistake that most SEO bloggers do. The results will ultimately decide if you could use better keywords to optimize your content.

With the current trend of search engine optimization, it is highly important that you focus on the right set of keywords for your blog. Your business depends on being found and the revenue will ultimately help you. But, if you use wrong words or use them too much or not enough, then how can that be possible?

Secure your business and try out Compendium’s top notch blogging system so you can take advantage of their keyword strength meter. You can get a 5% discount off Compendium’s blogging system through Brian Millis if you mention you heard of Compendium from us!

If you want to get this convenience with a blog service that works, then why not request a free quote from us as well?

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