Keywords are Queen

by Jenny on October 12, 2010

Keywords are QueenThe queen is the most powerful chess piece and on the Internet, keywords are queen. Depending on the keyword or keyphrase that you will be using when writing an article, you will be landing on Google search engine results listings for that particular keyword search. By tweaking an article using the primary keyword and secondary keyword sprinkled all over it, you will be able to get Google to find the article.

One very important free tool that you can use is the Google keyword tool. There are many options available for you to be able to analyze the data of what keyword were used to search. With the Google keyword tool, all you have to do is type in your specific keyword or keyphrases, choose the data options you desire, and click search. You will see keyword ideas that are similar to your particular keyword and the statistical data.

When using keywords, keep in mind that there is a certain keyword density that is acceptable and this is usually is two to three percent. If you don’t have a keyword density analysis tool, you can figure out what your key word density is by basing the percentage on the number of words and how many times you had used your keyword. For example, if you have a 300 word article, your primary key word or key phrase can appear three to nine times in the article. For you to be able to optimize the content of your blog, you may want to avail of our professional blog writing services and request for a free quote.

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