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by Jenny on November 29, 2010

KonteraHave you heard of Kontera?  It’s a company that provides In-Text ads for interested advertisers. 

Whether you are a blogger or if you are a company that is trying to capture keyword phrases on various blogs, this post will interest you.

Kontera In Text AdIn fact, this blog post that you’re reading now has Kontera ads on it.  To the right is a screen shot image of another blog post on this blog and what happens when you hoover your mouse over the keyword phrase that is double underlined (indicating that it is a Kontera ad).  The idea is not to have these “ads” look like ads, but rather look like links to something else and when your mouse hoovers over the text in question, then there is more information (sometimes with a photo) of another place to click.

This way, companies that are targeting keyword phrases like “marketing strategies” are able to capture that search engine traffic that is reading such a post.  Of course, companies can have their own blog where they work on acquiring these keyword phrases, but being able to advertise on thousands of blogs that have a different audience, is also a huge advantage.

Kontera has a Patented Semantic Analysis Technology that scans webpages (usually blogs) and finds relevant keywords based on the blog post.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Webpages are dynmaically analyzed to determine their true semantic meaning.
  2. Keyword Phrases, ads and information are scored by Kontera’s algorithm based on their meaning.
  3. The most relevant keyword phrases, information and ads are selected and Kontera’s program turns those keyword phrases into hyperlinks that connect users to Kontera’s thousands of advertisers.

So as a company that is advertising, it allows you to have exposure across a number of different blogs – giving you a great audience and an audience that is niche focused in what you’re selling.

As a Kontera publisher, you get a percentage based on the click-through-rate of the ad from your site to the ad’s landing page.  So it ends up being a win-win for both the publisher and the advertiser.

Looking for a way to enhance your blogging or your company blogging and your ability to secure keyword phrases?  Consider using Kontera for your next in-text advertising campaign.

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